Spring into Action

Spring is in the air in Denmark. The sun is shining (at least some of the time), the birds are singing, and the plants are blooming. The weather has been great with lots of sun and warmer weather, but not too hot. This new season resets many of the items on my to-see list since many places look very different now than when they did when I first arrived. For example, many of the gardens like those around Rosenborg, in the park Ørstedsparken near DIS, and in Tivoli are starting to witness new life after winter. And the cherry blossoms! If you are in Copenhagen in the spring it is an absolute must to see the cherry trees when they are in bloom in Bispebjerg Cemetery. Even the walking path between my homestay and the nearest train station has changed, with a lot more greenery and people out enjoying the weather.

However, with the coming of spring also means the beginning of the end of the semester. I will save my thoughts on that in a later post, but in this one I will mention how busy these last few weeks are. Everyone I talk to has a lot going on in the last few weeks as classes finish. The past few weeks have been very busy with lots of papers, group projects, and tests. Even though it is a lot of work, it is interesting to be able to reflect on everything that I have learned in my classes over the semester.

Rosenborg Castle Gardens

My group submitted the final paper for our core course this past week where we did research about the incentives behind the different primary care physician remuneration methods in the Denmark and the United States. Each group was able to choose a topic of their choice to research. This really helped us to explore some of the topics that we were interested in further. Within the coming week, we will wrap up our core course with poster presentations of our projects followed by a group dinner. I am looking forward to it, but it will also be hard to be completely done with the class.


Speaking of dinners, the DIS student bloggers along with the rest of the student media team had an end of the semester dinner at a New Nordic restaurant near DIS called Vækst. The food was very good and it was great to be able to meet more of the other bloggers and to learn about people’s different experiences over the semester as well as their plans for the summer.

Another indication of spring was the Easter break. In Denmark, stores all over have been putting up decorations and advertising påskeæg, Easter egg treats. For DIS, there is an extended Easter break. During this time I traveled to Berlin to visit one of my friends studying abroad in Germany.

During this trip I saw many interesting attractions like museum island, the parliament building, and of course the Brandenburg Gate. Berlin was an amazing city to visit. I think that the pictures included speak more for it than I can.

Thank you for reading and have a great week!

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